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What should I choose iOS development or Java, JavaScript development for carrer growth in job?

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Since you’re starting now you’re skeptical about this choice . I have tried Java, JS and a few other languages and also frameworks. Its all based on demand, there will be times when you’d have to switch platforms based on requirements.
Choose iOS if you’re interested in building Apps. With Apps, you’d have to be good at design and manage states, processes etc. Apps are more context driven. For Ex. Ola, few of the screens are based on Maps, the context being Maps here. etc.
Generally any sort of logic is not implemented in the Apps, the backends host it.

Java or JS, this is w.r.t backend, Java is good for complex algorithms and JS(Node) is good with more simpler tasks it being interpreted.
In general, on the backend front you’d be managing a lot of things, money would be flowing in and out or you’d be delivering to multiple clients at the same time. At scale things are hard but you get to learn a lot.

This is my opinion as i haven’t worked much on the Apps front and i have mostly worked on the backend. But whoever was into Apps a few years ago has now moved to the Backend in my circle