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How do I ensure a potential candidate has the quality of taking ownership and is not just looking for a 9-to-5 job?

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Just going to be blunt here. Having worked in mid-level management salary hell in the restaurant business for too many years and having every hoo ha tell a managers’ meeting “we want you to act like owners” in every company I worked for, here is how you make sure.

Offer an equity stake in the company that matches how much “ownership” of the company you want them to take.

Not on the table, I'll bet.

So then offer a well designed bonus/ incentive program that delivers what you want achieved with their ownership mentality that allows their potential income to be double the average that the position pays elsewhere and not change it when they deliver for you.

Not on the table either?

Then at least offer them the opportunity and authority to act like an owner. Minimal oversight in things like financial, hiring, operations etc. without running it by higher-ups, with the understanding that failing could result in termination.

Still too much?

Then use the time-tested successful model of most companies and hire young and stupid (read naive) and when they start to burn out replace them with the next younger piece of meat.

Don’t forget to complain loudly to anyone who will listen about how hard it is to find good help.