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  • May 14 2019

    SSCC Alameda, Santiago, Chile
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    The phrase 'Skype Interviews' is pretty self-descriptive - interviews held over Skype. Interviews of this type are held usually by companies without a fixed location, those hiring candidates from a different location, or those looking to cut down on resources. In this blog, we will tell you the nuan...

  • May 14 2019

    Apple Sydney, George Street, Sydney NSW, Australia
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    Are you preparing for an interview? Here is a list of questions and answers that covers the most common interview questions. These interview questions have been divided into different categories to help you prepare for your interview in a systematic manner. HR Interview Questions and Answers HR inte...

  • May 14 2019

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    A job interview will not consist of simple questions all the time. Sometimes you have to face difficult ones too. One frequently asked HR interview question is “What are your short term and long term goals?” While there can be plenty of goals in your career, you have to carefully pick the relevant o...