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  • Jul 08 2024

    4 minutes, 17 seconds
    New York
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    CD Bioparticles, a leading manufacturer and supplier of numerous drug delivery products and services, is proud to announce its expanded capabilities in Customized Liposomes. This advancement allows researchers and developers to leverage the power of liposome technology for a wider range of applicati...

  • Jul 08 2024

    4 minutes, 4 seconds
    New York
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    CD BioSciences, a US-based biotechnology company focusing on the development of imaging technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of Circulatory System Tissue Microarrays to the scientific community. This new product line offers researchers a powerful tool to study a wide range...

  • Jun 18 2024

    4 minutes, 45 seconds
    New York, US
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    As cancer immunotherapy has advanced over the past few years, an increasing number of research teams have turned their attention to developing cancer vaccines, which are a form of active immunotherapy that works by triggering the body's defenses against cancer by exposing patients to the appropriate...

  • Jun 13 2024

    4 minutes, 39 seconds
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    CD Bioparticles, a leading manufacturer and supplier of numerous drug delivery products and services, is pleased to announce a suite of comprehensive mRNA-LNP Vaccine Laboratory Process Development Assays. This latest addition to CD Bioparticles' extensive service portfolio is specifically designed ...

  • May 27 2024

    57 seconds
    Toronto, ON
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    Many Christians from Goa, Kerela, and other parts of India moved to Canada. Several Indian Christians looking for a suitable match in Canada. Nrimb offers matchmaking services for Christian Matrimony Canada to find profiles of Christian singles who share your beliefs. Thousands of Christian profiles...

  • May 16 2024

    4 minutes, 23 seconds
    New York
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    Creative Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, small molecule conjugates and critical assay reagents for food, feed, environmental and toxicological sample analysis, announced the launch of its comprehensive line of Fumonisin Test Reagents, including conjugates, antibodies ...

  • May 16 2024

    4 minutes, 24 seconds
    New York
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    With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors, CD Bioparticles is excited to announce the launch of its new line of Conjugated Agarose Particles with various particle sizes (45-500 µm), designed to streamline protein purification workflows for researchers. These versatile p...

  • May 16 2024

    by staci
    4 minutes, 35 seconds
    New York
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    STEMart, a US-based provider of comprehensive services for all phases of medical device development, proudly announces the launch of its comprehensive suite of Packaging Solutions to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. These services are designed to ensure the ...

  • Apr 28 2024

    2 minutes, 22 seconds
    New York
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    Superbugs are not a specific type of bacteria. All bacterial species can become superbugs. But in order to prevent superbug infections and the development of therapeutic drugs in priority areas, knowing the common superbugs to watch out for can be helpful.   The World Health Organization (WHO) has i...

  • Apr 24 2024

    1 minute, 2 seconds
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    Are you a Telugu single living in Canada, longing to connect with someone who shares your heritage and values? Canada Telugu Matrimony for NRIs services offered by Nrimb understand the unique desires of Telugu NRIs seeking a compatible life partner who cherishes their cultural background. The trust...

  • Apr 22 2024

    by Shirley
    3 minutes, 49 seconds
    New York
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    The classical mode of action of small molecule drugs is "occupancy-driven". Since the FDA approved the first oral small molecule targeted therapy for tumors-tamoxifen targeting the estrogen receptor (ER)-in 1977 for the treatment of breast cancer, small molecule drug development has typically focuse...

  • Apr 21 2024

    5 minutes, 39 seconds
    New York City, USA
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    Oligonucleotide drugs (OND), also known as small nucleic acid drugs, are short-chain molecules composed of nucleotides (deoxyribonucleic acid or ribonucleic acid) with no more than 30 bases/base pairs. They achieve high selectivity by forming Watson-Crick base-pairing with DNA or RNA. Oligonucleotid...