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Why call center job is not considered as a great carrer? What is the salary of English call center employees?

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I have worked in a call center for almost 3 years. I have exposure of Voice based Technical Support, Sales, Web based technical support etc.

Back in 2002 to 2011, the call center jobs were paying good amount in terms of perks and incentives. Those who are under graduate, were making good amount of money. Converges, V Customer etc were great pay masters at that moment.

There were few things which can even help you now to earn good amount of money;

  1. Fully attentive
  2. Product Knowledge base
  3. Soft skills
  4. Great communication skills
  5. English knowledge
  6. Mentally prepare to spend 8 hours wearing head set with a smile
  7. Ready for rotating shift hours

Now the catch here is that some companies are making your package in a way that if you’ll not earn incentive, your salary could be upto half what it was written in the agreement after all the deduction.

Parents are not considering this as a stable career opportunity as their student suddenly start earning good amount initially while giving his/her 100% and divert his/her focus from studies.

At the end once you are ill or having some physical issues, leaves etc then end of the day it will impact to your performance and that is directly proportional to your salary. That is why in long term as a career some doesn’t see them fit in properly