Igniting Team Performance!

May 15 2:45 PM- May 19 9:10 AM
Acaster Malbis, York, UK
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  • Attending
    Cameron Wright

When & Where

  • Acaster Malbis, York, UK
  • May 15 2:45 PM- May 19 9:10 AM


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When & Where
  • When May 15 2:45 PM- May 19 9:10 AM
  • Where Acaster Malbis, York, UK
Meta Info
  • Igniting Team Performance (ITP) is a fun, fast-paced and dynamic training program which will measure and define your groups’ current teamwork ability while imparting lessons on goal-setting, leadership enhancement and communication skills. Short but powerful facilitated process discussions will occur throughout the session, with emphasis on workplace application.

    This program is delivered by challenging your team to complete a series of progressively difficult challenges. Guided conversations will uncover strengths and areas for improvement. By immediately turning these debrief lessons into action during the next introduced challenge, the group is well-positioned to deliver a better teamwork performance.

    In essence, ITP is a floating module that can be modified and adjusted by choosing from a large menu of team building activities which are selected to fit the specific needs of your group. With dozens of initiatives to choose from based on the pre-program needs assessment, ITP participants will engage in a challenging interactive session.
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