Deep Learning workshop

Hosted By Shawn Mcleod
May 15 3:50 PM- May 19 10:16 AM
PLKM, Seestrasse, Zürich, Switzerland
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  • Attending
    Gene Brooks
    Shawn Mcleod

When & Where

  • PLKM, Seestrasse, Zürich, Switzerland
  • May 15 3:50 PM- May 19 10:16 AM


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  • Created by Shawn Mcleod
  • Hosted by Shawn Mcleod
  • Created on May 15, 2019
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When & Where
  • When May 15 3:50 PM- May 19 10:16 AM
  • Where PLKM, Seestrasse, Zürich, Switzerland
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  • Start your journey into the world of Deep Learning:

    The purpose of these workshop is to introduce software engineers to the world of Deep Learning (DL), and statisticians to the world of software engineering.

    Anyone is welcome provided they have at least year's worth of coding experience (in any language).

    The workshops are designed so that anyone can attend and work at their own pace. It is completely free and open source.

    Varun Nayyar will host a session on Bayesian Analysis in data science and this will be followed by a workshop.

    Work on your own project or on a project recommended by the program mentors.

    This event does not accrue CPD points for the professional year program.

    Attendees must bring their own laptops.
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